Electrical Lockout/Tagout Procedures

NFPA 70E LOTO Training for Electric Safety

Electrical Lock Out Tag for TrainingElectrical accidents and LOTO violations are among the top citations issued to businesses by OSHA. Dealing with electricity or any hazardous energy requires specific lockout/tagout procedures. Electrical LOTO protects workers from accidental electrocution and workplaces from expensive OSHA fines. T/C Risk Management NFPA 70E electrical safety training covers LOTO procedures use on the job.

How Does Electrical LOTO Work?

Electricity is considered a hazardous energy by OSHA and work around electrical equipment requires a special lockout/tagout procedure. Employees first shut off electrical power of the equipment and use a special lock to prevent power being restored until the lock is removed. The lock makes it physically impossible to restore power. A tag is used to indicate who placed the lock and when. As long as the lock remains on the device the electricity remains off.

LOTO systems can be customized for your workplace. Sign-out systems, multi-person locks, and even the color of the locks can be modified for your facility. Our policy writing ensures everyone is on the same page with safety procedure.

1910.47 OSHA LOTO Safety Classes

OSHA requires companies working with hazardous energy to meet very specific LOTO procedure standards. 1910.47 OSHA LOTO practices are covered in our safety course. Our training programs are appropriate for qualified and unqualified employees who will be dealing with electrical hazards during their work.

1910.331 OSHA LOTO Requirement for Qualified Employees

T/C Risk Management has advanced  courses for qualified employees who must meet additional safety standards. Our courses cover NFPA 70E recertification for workers when the standards are updated.

LOTO for Electrical Wiring

Customized Electrical Safety Training

Other training courses can be customized to your workplace. Some of the safety classes we cover:

Additional Electrical Safety Training

Our electrical LOTO courses cover additional safety procedures for workers dealing with electricity. Practices we teach include:

Classes can be held at our Milwaukee area classroom or a mobile unit can come to your location, no matter where you are in the US. Wherever you are located, schedule a training course with T/C Risk Management to get your workplace compliant with OSHA’s electrical LOTO regulations.

Contact T/C Risk Management to arrange electrical safety training including LOTO procedures.