First Aid & CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Training for Business

Protect Your Employees with Health and Safety Courses

CPR Training Class in MilwaukeeFirst Aid and CPR training is essential for every business before an accident happens. T/C Risk Management Services will educate your employees on the proper way to handle life-threatening emergencies, basic injuries, and prevent future workplace accidents from happening.

General First Aid Kits

Workplace accidents happen, so your employees need to be ready. T/C Risk Management first aid safety training will cover all the basics. The step-by-step First Aid instructions are thoroughly explained and demonstrated. Our training includes hands-on demonstrations using medical manikins. Employees will get the chance to practice and get comfortable with each technique.

Knowing what is in a first aid kit is one way to help workers. Depending on the usual risks of your worksite, we can customize your first aid kit to include:

  • Bandages and gauze
  • Disinfectant
  • Thermometer
  • Snake bite anti-venom kits
  • And more

An employee who knows where to find these supplies and how to use them can help save a life. Storing first aid kits around your jobsite and teaching workers how to use them can go a long way in an emergency situation. Our board certified staff will teach the fundamentals of basic life support and how to best use first aid kits at your workplace.

How Basic First Aid Can Save Lives

Emergency medical services can take time to arrive to the scene of an accident. Every passing minute could be the difference between life and death. First aid training helps workers know what to do when every second counts. For example, chest compressions from CPR can help an injured worker survive until trained medical professionals arrive. Disinfecting a wound before wrapping it in bandages and gauze can save a limb from amputation. T/C Risk Management safety experts will teach your workers how to utilize these basic first aid techniques to make a life-saving difference when it’s needed most.

CPR Training and Certification

First aid training from T/C Risk Management includes certification for workers. OSHA requires some form of basic healthcare training to administer emergency aid at worksites where there are no medical professionals. The full extent of required training will depend upon your location and industry.

With T/C Risk Management, all your workers can get first aid training to help your company meet these safety requirements. Upon training completion, your employees will receive their BLS, First Aid or CPR certifications. By having employees trained and certified to deliver CPR, your workplace will be safer.

OSHA Safety Training

Of course, the first step to proper first aid training is learning how to avoid accidents in the first place. Our training courses include:

With our mobile safety training, we can even come to you.

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