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TC Risk Management Services provides excellence in safety training and consultation to protect people from injury and property from devastation.

Classroom safety training

Electrical Safety Training The T/C Risk Management Model is based on engineering, education and evaluation. Learn More

Audits are performed to identify workplace safety and health hazards. Learn More

Junk piled up creating safety hazard

Consultations for construction or general industry provide complete safety for employees. Learn More

Proper use of tools for safety
Electrical hazard assessments

Hazard Assessments minimize bottom-line losses for businesses. Learn More

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring discovers existing or potential exposures to biological, chemical and physical hazards.Learn More

Microwave not set up safely in workplace

Ergonomic Functional Job Analysis will improve the fit between employees, the work environment and productivity. Learn More

Bending and lifting improperly causes injuries
First Aid Training certifications

Osha Regulations & First Aid Prevent costly accidents and OSHA Fines Learn More

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Risk Management Supports Occupational Health and Safety

Safety Training & Evaluations Conform to Government Regulations

Risk ManagementThe worker is the second highest cost of running a profitable business. Health and safety in the workplace is essential for a successful business operation, not to mention required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). TC Risk Management Services provides the necessary training and consultation to ensure your business is safe and meets industry standards. Through our safety training classes we’ve helped businesses nationwide prevent OSHA violations and workplace accidents.

OSHA regulations and various consensus standards are set in place to prevent employee injuries. OSHA conducts inspections under various emphasis programs and writes citations for hazardous conditions in the work place. Each of these citations can be in the thousands of dollars. TC Risk Management will assist with OSHA compliance by providing necessary training and consultation services to address these issues with proven and effective risk management results. We’ve helped companies reduce OSHA fines from $22,000 down to $1,200.

OSHA Training for Electrical Safety, HAZMAT, Confined Space and Fall Protection

TC Risk Management poses measurable risk management success by offering expert up-to-date training using the latest OSHA standards/regulations mixed with various safety and health practices from a variety of businesses as reference. Training is conducted based on specific company policies for safety protocols/procedures and injury trends.

We offer a variety of safety training classes, including:

TC Risk Management is one of the few companies authorized to issue Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for Electrical Licensures for the State of Wisconsin.


Meeting OSHA Safety Training StandardsOSHA Safety Training Classes Milwaukee

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration promotes workplace safety across the United States. There are many regulations and laws in place to ensure every industry, no matter how dangerous, meets the same standards of health and wellness for workers. From OSHA 10 and 30 hour training courses to topics on proper machine guarding, fall protection, confined space training and electrical safety, rely on Wisconsin's leading risk management instructors to help your business become OSHA compliant.

Browse some of our OSHA training classes which took place in Milwaukee and throughout the United States.

TC Risk Management Services has 10 or 30 hour OSHA training courses for helping your facility become OSHA compliant. The 10-hour course is perfect for entry level employees while 30-hour training is recommended for supervisors and foremen. Without training, OSHA inspectors can lay down heavy fines for unsafe business practices and worker injury is always a possibility.

Protect your business and your workers with TC Risk Management safety training courses and learn how to contest an OSHA citation.

The Importance of Electrical Safety Training

Electricity is one of the most hazardous elements at any work place. Not only can workers be shocked, fires are a threat as well. From faulty wiring to improper personal protective equipment, electrical currents are a huge risk in all sorts of industries. To combat the dangers of electricity, TC Risk Management Services offers a fully comprehensive Electrical Safety training course which is also OSHA compliant.

Our training will cover proper lock-out tag-out (LOTO) procedure, combining efficiency with safety as your facility becomes more orderly. The electrical safety course is suitable for qualified and unqualified employees. Our Milwaukee electrical safety course instructors will make your business safer and your employees more informed about how to work safely.

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Safety and Rescue Training in Permit-Required Confined Spaces

TC Risk Management Services offers confined space and rescue training for businesses that often have to deal with permit-required confined spaces. Confined spaces present many unique hazards and safety training must address these specialized conditions. Many industries, including wind power companies, have essential work in confined locations.

Our professional confined space training will reduce injuries for your business. Practical, hands-on training will prevent injuries from happening and demonstrate to employs how to best operate in confined spaces, meaning they’re working safer and more efficiently. Confined space rescue training covers what to do in worst case scenarios of a trapped or incapacitated worker.

Understand the Need for Fall Protection

Fall Protection MilwaukeeThere is a reason falls are the most common workplace accident and often result in severe injury or death. TC Risk Management Services’ fall protection training program is customized to your specific industry. During training, TC Risk experts will assess the equipment at your facility in order to implement a fall protection plan based on your business’s distinct needs.

We provide fall protection equipment and train employees on how to properly use it. A piece of safety rope may be the difference between a worker falling off a tower and being absolutely fine. Installing safety nets and clearly marked boundaries around fall areas can reduce workplace accidents. On top of safety for workers, fall protection plans meet OSHA guidelines to help your business avoid fines.

Safety Management Consulting and Policy Writing

Safety risk management consulting is an area of expertise for T/C Risk Management Services. If you have received a visit from OSHA and need assistance, TC Risk Management Services will provide the guidance and direction your business needs to meet OSHA standards. We will arrive on site to assess the situation and provide you with a safety management plan. TC Risk Management Services employs board certified safety professionals with a vast amount of industry knowledge to assure your business meets government and industry standards and regulations. Our low overhead offers the most cost-effective risk management services for the dollar—providing sound solutions, far less than our competitors.

Avoid future OSHA citations with the top risk management company, TC Risk Management Services. Our reliable OSHA training and consulting services are customized to meet your company’s specific needs. We utilize tools like training, audits, evaluations, hazard assessments, industrial hygiene monitoring and ergonomic functional job analysis to obtain a safe operation for your business. Both occupational health and safety will be monitored and assessed to ensure procedures meet OSHA regulations.

Contact Wisconsin’s top safety training company today to learn more about our training and consulting programs.