OSHA Fall Protection Training for American Workplaces

Staying Safe While Working with Heights

Wisconsin Fall Protection TrainingMost on-the-job injuries are the result of falls. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports fall protection is the #1 reported safety violation in the United States. It shouldn’t come as a surprise: an elevation of 4 feet in general industry or 6 feet in construction is enough to trigger height-related safety requirements by OSHA. To prevent workplace accidents, TC Risk Management Services offers comprehensive fall protection training to businesses across the US. We do everything from assess your equipment and machinery to developing brand new safety policy for your company. Each training program is custom-built, taking into account your industry’s standards and local environmental hazards.

Newly updated OSHA regulations mean you need our expert training now to avoid potential fines or to contest a fall protection violation. Our nationwide fall protection services meet the training standards for a variety of industries. Whether you need temporary fall protection measures at a construction site or need a permanent personal fall protection system (PFPS) solution at your facility, TC Risk Management training includes information on OHSA compliant equipment in addition to our fall protection programs and rescue plans.

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Developing Custom Fall Protection Safety Policy

Falls are the most common type of workplace accidents, frequently leading to serious injuries and even death. At TC Risk Management, we design comprehensive training programs based on your existing company safety policies. Custom safety training will protect your workers and help your business meet federal OSHA compliance.

Since each training program is custom-designed, we are able to take into account details about your industry and facility-specific hazards. We do not offer one cookie-cutter class and waste your time with irrelevant information. If you don’t deal with permit-required confined spaces, we won’t cover it! This training saves you both time and money.

Elevated workstations and platforms only a few feet high can place employees at risk. We take into account:

  • Raised platforms
  • Ladders
  • Stairways
  • Roofing
  • Scaffolding

Don’t have a company safety policy? Let our experts assess your facility and help you come up with a standard for your future safety training services. This tailor-made policy will ensure all your employees have a single source for their safety information. With over 30 years of safety experience, we’ll quickly determine what changes are needed to properly implement a fall protection plan at your facility. Sometimes all you need is to add a few guardrails to your catwalks; other industries might require harness training and safety netting. Training classes then educate your workers on a wide-range of preventative fall protection they can use day-to-day.

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OSHA's Construction Site Fall Protection Recommendations

Mobile Fall Protection Training Session

Falls are incredibly common amongst construction workers. Any site with scaffolding or catwalks will require some form of fall protection training. We offer OSHA safety training for construction sites to deal with frequent hazards. TC Risk training lets workers try out harnesses and techniques firsthand to get comfortable with fall protection practices.

Onsite Fall Protection Services Available Nationwide

  • Provide a hazard-free working environment
  • Provide protective equipment and train employees on how to use it
  • Train employees on safety hazards and prevention methods

We offer our comprehensive fall protection classes on-site thanks to our onsite training units. Set up with special ladders and vertical platforms, our trailer provides a safe environment for workers to practice tower climbing and rescue techniques. This hands-on training opportunity goes over everything from how to properly secure a climbing harness to rescue techniques.

Overhead platforms and elevated work stations are frequently overlooked and are the leading hazard for falls. Dangerous equipment and/or machinery exposure is also a major concern with falling. Don’t let your workers down; contact TC Risk Management for full fall protection training at your facility.

OSHA Fall Protection Classes in Milwaukee

For businesses located in southeastern Wisconsin, we have classroom safety training available. Avoid days of traveling and hotel expenses for your employees by staying close to home with TC Risk Management training. Up to 10 workers may take a class at a time.

OSHA safety classes cover:

Create your own safety training course with TC Risk management.

Fall Protection Harness for Safety Training

If you run a risky business, our onsite fall protection training classes will benefit you and your company ensuring employees are safe and OSHA standards are met.