Fall Protection OSHA Citation Training

How to Prevent Fall Protection Citations from OSHA

Fall Protection FlagsFalls from an elevated height are one of the most common causes of worksite injuries. Did you know any platform or workstation over 4 feet in height is tall enough to warrant OSHA fall protection training? Keep your workers safe and avoid expensive fines by contacting TC Risk Management for fall protection training for your company.

Fall Protection: The Most Common OSHA Safety Violation

According to OSHA, the most frequent safety violations at companies in the US are related to fall protection. Falls are also included in the “Fatal Four” causes of construction site deaths and injuries. As a result, fines for these violations are very high to encourage safe work habits. OSHA will also perform more inspections at companies with a history of fall protection citations.

Once a company has been found in violation of OSHA policy, they are given 15 business days to correct the problems. Failure to do so can lead to higher fines and more citations.

How to Avoid OSHA Fines and Workplace Accidents

Fall protection training from TC Risk Management is an easy way to help your company avoid jobsite accidents and prevent OSHA violations. Our hazard assessment and safety audits will determine what your company needs to meet federal OSHA and state level safety standards.

Our training uses hands-on methods so workers can safely practice the techniques they learn. Your employees will be able to test out different harnesses and facility-specific hazards.

Fall Protection Violation on RoofFall Protection Training Classes and Seminars

TC Risk Management has Milwaukee fall protection classes available for local Wisconsin businesses. Whether you need an annual refresher or have new employees learning the ropes for the first time, our classes will cover everything you need for fully comprehensive fall protection.

We use mobile safety units to bring our training directly to worksites for more hands on training. You won’t need to take time off or arrange travel and accommodations for your workers when we come to you. Another benefit of mobile fall protection training is your workers can immediately use what they learned at your facility.

Develop Fall Protection Safety Policy for your Company

TC Risk Management will help your company develop a fall protection safety policy to make training employees easier. If your company already has a safety policy, we will customize your fall protection training to meet the standards it provides. With more than 30+ years of risk management experience, we will make sure your company is as safe as possible for all your workers.

Contact TC Risk Management for fall protection OSHA compliance training at your worksite.