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OSHA compliance is an area of expertise for TC Risk Management Services. With previous OSHA experience, we know what OSHA inspectors looks for and how to become best make your business safety compliant. Our consulting services will evaluate every aspect of your company to ensure all aspects meet government regulations. With our knowledge of OSHA regulations, customized training classes and hazard inspections, we can catch potential violations early, before you face a fine.

TC Risk Management Outreach Trainers are OSHA-authorized to teach OSHA 10- and 30-hour safety classes. These classes cover the basics of safety procedure, hazard recognition, accident prevention, and more based on your specific industry.

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Don't Break OSHA Law to get Ahead

As a leading OSHA safety training company, we have years of experience with helping companies nationwide become OSHA compliant. From electrical safety training programs to personal fall protection system (PFPS) courses, our highly trained instructors will provide the comprehensive knowledge your industry needs to adhere to OSHA standards. Whether you’re a construction company needing fall protection training or are a steel foundry needing machine guarding training courses, TC Risk Management Services will assist with maintaining a safe workplace environment.

OSHA Required Safety HatsThis page shows a variety of occupational health and safety hazards OSHA would typically fine for. The images below demonstrate the most common violations exposed during OSHA inspections. These violations are examples of workplace safety hazards which can be easily avoided and yet typically overlooked.

We cover the following OSHA safety topics:

Adjusting Your Workers to New OSHA Policy

Over the years, OSHA policies have changed in order to reduce workplace injury. While this is good for the worker, it can be bad for your business as you’re suddenly behind the times with your safety training. TC Risk Management safety experts know all the new policy OSHA has and how to get your business caught up before you face a fine.

Incorporate the latest OSHA standards into your workplace safety plan. Contact TC Risk to learn more and stay up-to-date.

Electrical OSHA Citations

Electrical citations are among the most common given out by OSHA. In particular, wiring problems are among the most frequently cited violations. Some of these issues can be easily rectified or avoided entirely with electrical safety training from TC Risk Management:

OSHA Electrical Safety

Blocked electrical panels are another violation. This image was taken during TC Risk Management’s safety assessment at a Wisconsin industrial jobsite. The electrical panel shown was blocked by several items. Electrical panels must have 36” of clear access to the panel to meet OSHA regulations. The business owner cleared the space to prevent an electrical fire from occurring and to ensure he would not receive any OSHA violations. Learn about our electrical safety training courses now.

OSHA Fines

OSHA Fines for Extension Cords

OSHA fines for using extension cords in lieu of permanent wiring. This image shows various extensions cords used which is an electrical safety hazard. Extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis and machinery should be plugged directly into an outlet and not an extension cord.  If an outlet is not available for use, your machinery will need to be moved or an electrician is needed to install additional outlets.

OSHA Violations

OSHA Electrical Safety Regulations

OSHA fines for unused openings in electrical control box panels. This panel has a knockout missing which presents safety hazards. Un-insulated, live electrical wires are easily accessible causing a safety hazard to anyone. Dust and debris can accumulate inside the panel and could eventually cause an electrical fire. Having a knockout missing in an electrical control box is a simple fix to prevent harmful electrical safety hazards and OSHA violations.

Electrical Safety Training

OSHA Fines for Missing Grounding Prong

OSHA will fine for a missing grounding pin on electrical cord, which is exactly what this image shows. As small as this hazard seems, it presents a very unsafe situation. When the grounding pin missing, this is an extremely hazardous situation because if a short develops in the tool, the user may become the ground in the system and electricity will travel through him or her. For a safety assessment, turn to TC Risk Management Services. Our OSHA safety training specialists are well trained in meeting OSHA regulations.

OSHA Regulations and Electrical Cords

Electrical Cords and OSHA Regulations

This image shows an electrical box being used as an extension cord. OSHA fines for using electrical boxes as extension cords and any other misuse of electrical appliances or cords. An electrical box is not intended for this purpose and could lead to an electrical fire. TC Risk Management Services specializes in electrical safety and provides safety assessments and training to ensure your entire building meets NFPA 70E requirements and is OSHA compliant.

OHSA Requirements

OSHA Standards

OSHA fines for exposed conductors. This images shows an electrical box with a missing panel. The exposed conductors present a safety hazard. Electrical wires must be covered to prevent anyone coming in contact with them and to also avoid dust from accumulating within the conductors. This typical situation causes harm to employees and can even result in an electrical fire.

OHSA Training

Facility OSHA Citations

Whether you work in an office or an industrial plant, safety violations at your facility can quickly add up to OSHA fines. Keep your workplace safe and avoid citations:

New OSHA Policy

Over the years, OSHA policies have changed in order to reduce workplace injury. While this is good for the worker, it can be bad for your business as you’re suddenly behind the times with your safety training. TC Risk Management safety experts know all the new policy OSHA has and how to get your business caught up before you face a fine.

OSHA Standards for Worker Safety

OSHA Regulations for Exit Signs

OSHA fines businesses for blocked or mismarked emergency exits. This image shows an emergency exit in an industrial warehouse building. The exit is clearly misrepresented as the doorway was blocked and wired shut. This was one of the first OSHA safety hazards noticed during our safety assessment. This business owner contacted TC Risk Management Services to assist with becoming OSHA compliant - they were well overdue for a safety assessment and wanted to ensure their facility met OSHA regulations. Had an inspector been present, there would have been a massive fine instantly.

OSHA Standards for Exit Signs

OSHA Fire Extinguisher Spacing

OSHA fines for blocked fire extinguisher. Even though it’s hard to see, this image does show a fire extinguisher. OSHA requires all buildings to have a minimum of one fire extinguisher. The larger the facility the more required. This employee hung his jacket over the fire extinguisher not knowing he would cause an OSHA violation. TC Risk Management services has identified many safety hazards which are caused from negligence that usually result in simple fixes. 

OSHA Standards for Fire Extinguishers

Equipment OSHA Citations

Equipment citations are easily missed and can be costly. Make sure your machines are properly setup for safe operations.

OSHA and Machine Guarding

Gears and end running nip points should be guarded. OSHA fines companies with missing machine guarding. This image shows a machine which was improperly guarded. Not only is this a huge safety hazard for employees, the business owner would receive an OSHA violation. Upon TC Risk Management’s safety assessment, our OSHA safety training expert provided detailed information on correcting any OSHA violations to ensure their facility met government safety regulations.

OSHA Fines for Unsafe Machines

Machine Guarding Standards

OSHA fines for guards not adjusted properly. Improper guarding can lead to serious injury and should be avoided at all times. This images shows a machine consisting of loosely fitted guards. Machine guards are often overlooked and yet highly dangerous. TC Risk Management provides safety assessments to not only ensure your entire facility meets OSHA regulations but to also keep employees safe by assessing every aspect of your building including your machines. 

Safety Hazards in the Workplace

Fall Protection OSHA Citations

Falls are the number one cause of injuries at the workplace. Even workers dealing with relatively short heights require protection and training to avoid OSHA violations.

OSHA 4 Foot Fall Protection

OSHA fines for employees working at heights greater than 4 feet without a means of fall protection. This image shows an employee working in an unsafe working environment. Employees are required to have a means of fall protection when working at heights greater than 4 feet. TC Risk Management provided information for the business owner on OHSA's fall protection regulations to ensure his employees would be safe and OSHA violations would be avoided.

OSHA Standards Require Worker Safety

LOTO OSHA Citations

When it comes to keeping your workers and your business safe, there is no easier way than following OSHA standards. When these standards change, you can’t be caught unprepared. TC Risk will get your safety policy up to date to meet OSHA, state, and local safety standards.

If you are already facing a fine, we will help you contest an OSHA citation. We have a history of getting penalties reduced, saving your company time and money. When OSHA finds a violation, you are given a set amount of time to correct the problem. Let us be there for you and make sure you’ve resolved the issue so you won’t face any problems with OSHA again.

Local Milwaukee OSHA Safety Training

The first defense against trouble with OSHA is having a good safety record to begin with. Knowing the top 10 workplace violations according to OSHA will help you understand the risks. TC Risk safety training services include confined space, fall protection, electrical, and even basic health and first aid. Some of the more surprising OSHA violations encounter include high noise levels and low air quality. Our mobile training will come right to you so you won’t have to worry about safety violations or workplace accidents again.

If you need to setup safety course for your workers to prevent an OSHA citation or just meet new regulations, TC Risk Management now offers safety classes in Franklin, WI. We have a variety of courses, covering everything from safety basics to seminars on supervisor leadership and accountability. After a few classroom lessons, your company will be better equipped to meet OSHA regulations and keep workers safe. 

Contact our OSHA safety training experts today to schedule an on-site assessment.