OSHA’s Risk Management Training Requirements

Safety Classes and Seminars from T/C Risk Management

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires all companies to provide some form of safety training to workers. TC Risk Management provides safety training classes and seminars across the United States so companies can meet these standards.

What are OSHA’s Training Requirements?

Safety Procedure BinderThe exact training requirements will depend on your industry and company size. OSHA divides standards into: General Industry, Agriculture, Construction, Maritime, and Federal Employee Programs. Most industries have to meet basic safety training including emergency planning, first aid training, and fire prevention.

Specified training may be needed if your work involves:

  • Hazardous materials
    • Toxic gases
    • Flammable liquids
    • Explosive materials
  • High heat tools
  • Machinery and vehicles
  • Heights
  • Confined spaces

Specialized Industry Safety Training

Work with lots of heights or confined spaces? Deal with dangerous chemicals on a daily basis? TC Risk has worked with all types of companies across every industry. We start with a risk analysis consultation to customize your site-specific safety policy. Our years of experience allow us to create the perfect training course for your workers.

TC Risk Management offers OSHA safety training courses. We cover everything fall protection safety training and confined space courses to electrical and LOTO procedures. Our expertise means we know which safety courses are best for your business. Ensure your company meets the latest industry standards and contact us today.

Meet Changing OSHA Standards

Every year, OSHA reviews and modifies safety standards. As workplace technology changes, the hazards are addressed and new standards are created. Keeping up with every change can be incredibly time-consuming. Let TC Risk do it for you with regular safety consultations.

OSHA requires retraining and recertification for workers. Safety meetings and training may be required on an annual basis for your industry. Certain states may require additional certifications. TC Risk can provide this yearly update for your company with minimal interruptions to your work.

Schedule a safety training session with TC Risk Management today.