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Nationwide Worker Safety Training

OSHA Employee Training Class in MilwaukeeThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires businesses to provide safety training to their employees. OSHA safety training courses from TC Risk Management help workers in various industries handle risks correctly. From industrial facilities to construction sites, there are many risks employees need to be aware of to do their job efficiently and safely. 

It happens at every jobsite: workers opt out of safety equipment or processes because it’s uncomfortable or a waste of time. However, there are costly consequences to these convenient shortcuts. The National Safety Council estimates lost time associated with the average workplace injury costs $35,000. OSHA citations add up to expensive fines. And that doesn’t even touch the medical expenses for the injured worker.

To keep employees safe on the job, TC Risk Management offer two types of training courses for workers: on-site mobile training at your location or classroom-based training here in Milwaukee.

  • Our on-site mobile training stations allow workers to test safety equipment or process themselves. Taking our training stations to you means no equipment downtime or travel expenses for recertification, continuing education, and safety training. We have traveled all over the country with our training.
  • Classroom safety training outside of Milwaukee is ideal for local Wisconsin companies who need new hire training, annual recertification, or continuing education credits for their workers. The classroom setting allows employees to focus on the lesson at hand, without workplace distractions.

Pair employee training with manager and supervisor safety courses. It’ll help employees take safety seriously if they see their leadership practicing the same techniques.

Employee Receiving Electrical Safety Training in MilwaukeeOSHA Safety Classes for Workers

Our OSHA safety courses cover:

Some industries need to meet more safety requirements than others. We provide construction worker safety classes since contractors face so many different job-related injuries.

Your employees will appreciate the additional measures taken to keep them safe on the job. Ideal safety equipment and processes will lead to fewer accidents and greater productivity, making business more profitable for you. Schedule training with TC Risk Management to start protecting your workers.

Jobsite Hazard Assessment and Risk Analysis

We see what you don’t. As a former OSHA insider working on your behalf, Terry Konell and TC Risk Management training will help you contest OSHA citations. We make sure both business and employees are safe from the cost and devastation of workplace accidents.

Following safety processes can be a hassle, especially if your employees never received adequate training explaining why it is so important. If safety equipment and process cause more problems than they solve, you simply have the wrong safety equipment or process. Sign up your management team for safety training to pass on to your workers.

It really is your choice. Risk profit, risk productivity, risk people or bring in TC Risk Management for assessment, consultation, or training.

Contact TC Risk Management to arrange safety training courses for your employees today.