Supervisor and Manager Safety Training

Lead by Example and Prevent OSHA Violations

Illinois Manager Wearing Safety EquipmentEmployers, supervisors, and managers need to lead by example to prevent workplace accidents. Each year, employers spend nearly $50 billion for wage and productivity losses, medical expenses, and administration expenses for workers hurt on the job. Preventative safety training from TC Risk Management will give your supervisors and managers the tools they need to keep employees safe and the worksite productive.

Share Safety Process with Employees

When management is well-versed in safety equipment and process, employees notice. If they see their supervisor cutting corners, they’ll do the same. Managers need to make sure every worker utilizes the correct safety equipment and process at all times, even if it seems uncomfortable or a waste of time. If an accident happens because an employee ignores protocol, they are not at fault: you are.

Protect your company and workers with TC Risk Management OSHA safety training. We will teach management how to keep their employees safe while on the job.

Continuing Education for Employers

TC Risk Management courses cover many safety recertification and continuing education requirements for business owners. Our mobile training stations can come right to your jobsite so there is no downtime for travel. Once training is finished, everyone can go right back to work and apply their new skills.

Risk Analysis of Your Jobsite

With more than 30 years of OSHA and insurance loss control experience, we see what you don’t. We know how to spot those easy to miss safety violations that would cause an OSHA citation and teach you how to avoid it.All of our training is customized to fit your company safety protocol. If you do not have a standard plan, our policy writing and development services will establish safety procedures for your company.

Workplace safety starts at the top. Risk profit, risk productivity, risk people or T/C Risk Management.

Contact TC Risk Management to arrange safety training classes for supervisors and management.