Construction Site Safety Courses

OSHA Training for Construction Workers

Construction Workers Using Fall Prevention TrainingConstruction workers face all types of safety hazards on the job, ranging from electrical hazards to falls off of roofs. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction workers have a higher risk of job-related injury and death due to their profession. To protect construction workers, OSHA has strict standards for safety training. TC Risk Management has 10 and 30 hour OSHA training classes to get your jobsite up to federal safety standards. Get compliant now to increase productivity and reduce risk.

The risks our safety training covers include:

All of these hazards can be found on a construction site. Safety classes will protect your workers and prevent your company from committing OSHA violations. Avoid citations and expensive fines by giving all your workers TC Risk Management construction training.

Fall Protection: Scaffolding, Ladders, and More

Fall protection training is required for all workers who regularly deal with heights greater than a few feet off the ground. Though it seems overcautious, it is because falls are one of the main causes of injury and death for construction workers.

Our OSHA safety experts will establish a brand new fall protection safety policy for your company so workers stay safe from heights. Our mobile training unit includes a special setup so workers can practice using various harnesses.

Tipped Construction CraneCrane Safety Training

Cranes are common at construction sites and are a major hazard to workers. They can fail due to human error, get knocked over by severe weather, or simply malfunction. All crane equipment needs to be checked before and after every job to keep the machine in safe working order. Without proper training, cranes can cause injury to the operator in the cab or workers on the ground. That’s not to mention the expenses of OSHA fines from a crane accident.

Our training courses are designed to meet OSHA training requirements for crane inspection and operation. You’ll be able to work with higher load capacities and faster speeds once you know the limits of your machinery.

Local OSHA Safety Training for Milwaukee Area Construction Sites

TC Risk Management offers special classroom safety training classes for Milwaukee area companies. It is easier for some workers to learn in a classroom environment than while on the jobsite. This option is open for up to 10 workers at a time.

Whether you have safety training onsite or in Milwaukee, make sure you work with TC Risk to create a fully custom safety plan.

Contact our safety experts to arrange OSHA construction safety courses for your workers.