Confined Space Entry Training

Training for Permit-Required Confined Space Workers

Confined Work AreaConfined space training is available through for employees working in a limited space environment. Our on-site training is a practical, hands-on way for workers to experience permit-required confined spaces without putting themselves at risk. These areas create many unique hazards, which is why OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 requires certain procedures for safe entry. If employees are not aware of these, they are at risk of becoming stuck or injured while on the job.

Reduce confined space injuries with TC Risk Management’s professional, effective training courses. With more than 30 years of safety experience, we recognize the importance of identifying confined space hazards and teaching your company how to stay safe. 

What Is Considered a Confined Space?

A confined space, as defined by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), is any area with limited entries and exits which is not intended for continuous human occupation. A permit-required confined space has more risk factors than just size, including exposure to heat, contaminated air, electricity, or unguarded machinery. Due to these risks, OSHA has set safety standards and regulations for worksites dealing with any confined spaces. 

One of the greatest risks from any confined space is limited mobility. Without training, it is easy to become stuck within a confined area. Our hands-on OSHA safety classes will help your workers understand how to prevent getting stuck by practicing entry and exit techniques. 

Permit-Required Confined SpaceConfined spaces include but are not limited to:

  • Sewer systems
  • Pipelines
  • Industrial silos
  • Storage units
  • Tunnels
  • Vaults
  • Tanks

Not only does our training cover the work itself, we also go over OSHA and federal safety policies in regards to permit-required confined spaces. OSHA requires businesses dealing with confined spaces to have written programs to prevent unauthorized entry. If your business does not have a safety policy, we will develop a confined space safety plan for you to meet all necessary regulations in keeping your workers safe on the job.

Stay Safe When Working in Limited Space

Many different industries must meet very specific OSHA construction requirements for safe confined spaces. Even if you have already undergone permit space training, OSHA has just recently passed new confined space regulations which require new training certification. Our courses will help you meet and exceed those standards.

Our methods will reduce confined space injuries amongst your employees by teaching them how to prevent dangerous situations while they work. We have the experience needed to recognize confined space hazards at your facility and will train accordingly to protect all employees working in these dynamics. We also offer first aid and CPR courses.

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Onsite Confined Space Training Unit Comes to You

Worker Entering Confined SpaceTC Risk Management Services offers onsite confined space training in our mobile units. We simulate an enclosed space with 28” ducting in a controlled environment. Our mobile unit comes right to your jobsite or facility, saving time and money as your employees don’t have to travel across the country for a safety seminar.

Our “confined” space gives your employees a place to see firsthand how limited their mobility will be on the job. Many workers are surprised by how difficult it is to move while wearing their required safety gear or how a once easy to reach tool is now trapped on the other side of their belt. The enclosed duct we use is a safe way to practice confined work without the risk of getting stuck.

Combined Safety Seminars and OSHA Classes

Along with confined space training, TC Risk Management has safety classes covering everything from fall protection to basic first aid. Additional safety courses we offer include:

Contact our safety experts to discuss a custom safety training plan for your worksite.

To arrange OSHA confined space training at your workplace, contact TC Risk Management today.