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OSHA and State Safety Plans

Government Codes

Cage Code (Commercial and Government Entity Code): 6M7C3

DUNS: 078299063

NAICS Codes:

  • 541690 Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services
  • 611430 Professional & Management Development Training
  • 926150 Regulation, Licensing & Inspecting of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors

OSHA Safety Compliance by State

TC Risk Management provides our safety training and consultations throughout the United States. As a result, we know different states have different industry safety standards. OSHA even allows states to create their own State Plans as long as they meet Federal (OSHA) safety requirements. Currently, 26 states as well as the US territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have these plans.

OSHA reevaluates each plan using Federal Annual Monitoring Evaluation (FAME). The following currently have their own OSHA-approved State Plans:

Alaska Arizona California Connecticut Hawaii Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota
Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina Oregon South Carolina Tennessee Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Wyoming

The states of California, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington have plans which frequently differ from the federal standards. These differences tend to reflect the main industries of the area. If you operate multiple businesses located in any of these states or territories, you must take their individual plans into account when training your workers or inspecting your facility. Otherwise, you may find yourself in violation of a state code and fined by OSHA. Ask TC Risk to write a safety policy plan which meets the requirements for both.

OSHA's Federal Employer Responsibilities

OSHA considers employers responsible for establishing and maintaining a safe work space for their employees. They are in charge of everything from maintaining training logs to training workers in regards to tools and hazardous materials in the workplace. Staying up-to-date on OSHA standards is critical for keeping your employees safe and protecting your company from liability.

August of 2016 OSHA added a new rule for record keeping and reporting workplace injuries. Make sure your business is meeting these standards by getting our expert help.

OSHA regularly updates their standards. Sometimes the change is as simple as revising the wording, other times an entire section is rewritten. Our safety experts keep track of the latest OSHA news in order to see which new standards are coming and how existing ones are changing. By paying attention, we prepare businesses to meet these new safety requirements before they take effect. Contact our safety team today to learn more about getting the latest OSHA compliant safety training.

TC Risk Management will help you get all your business locations up to speed with individual state safety regulations and federal recommendations.