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Preventing OSHA Citations through Risk Analysis Consulting Across the US

Mobile Safety Training VanTC Risk Management Services is a family owned business conducted primarily by myself, Terry Konell. After my U.S. Navy retirement as a service disabled veteran, and subsequent years of experience in the industrial workplace, I realized a demand for my risk management services. Since I have experienced being the workforce, I decided it was time to share my knowledge in protecting my fellow workers across the United States.

My training expertise not only comes from my passion to instill safety in the workplace but from my 30+ years of experience. I have been called in to assess many work-related accidents which were 100% preventable, yet instead resulted in injured workers, damaged equipment, and heavy fines from state and federal agencies. All of these can be avoided with comprehensive safety training for every employee at the jobsite, from managers and supervisors to daily contractors.

Company-Wide Safety Policies and Plans Reduce Accidents

TC Risk Management Services offers so much more than just training and consulting. We customize our training programs to individual company policies. Our three main principles include engineering, education and evaluation. To start, we survey everything at your worksite to ensure you are meeting all required safety standards for your industry. We will also review your existing policy to determine if workers are compliant with company regulations.

OSHA Inspection TrainingTC Risk Management Services’ success rate in educating, along with our OSHA and insurance loss control experiences, enables us to create an effective plan to reduce employee injuries, increase productivity and improve quality in your workplace. If your workplace or jobsite does not have an existing safety plan in place, we will create a custom policy for you. This new plan will then be used for employee training. We even cover updated OSHA policy, such as the final rule on record keeping and reporting implemented in August, 2016.

Avoid Cutting Corners on Safety

Over my 30+ years in safety, I have seen many competitors use shortcuts in order to save time or money. Unfortunately, many of these “shortcuts” are just way to cut corners and put your company at risk. I’ve even encountered competitors who encouraged their clients to break the law to keep costs down. Needless to say, the fines from OSHA violations and restrictions far outweigh the measly “savings” from cutting corners.

Not only is cutting corners costly, it is dangerous for workers. I’ve met experienced technicians who were electrocuted because they didn’t want to take a few extra minutes to find and put on a pair of insulated gloves. Countless workers have been permanently disabled by falls which could have been prevented with a single fall protection training class. Don’t risk the lives of your employees; contact TC Risk Management for more information about risk analysis and mobile safety training services.

First Aid Course in MilwaukeeTC Risk Management Specialists Deliver Proven Results:

TC Risk Management Services offers a level of knowledge and experience other safety management companies cannot match. I employ only board certified professionals to ensure our services are effective, accurate and in line with government safety standards. We keep your workers safe while saving you money. Our upfront pricing will help you afford safety services for your business.

Having worked for OSHA and in the insurance industry myself, I have inside knowledge of where OSHA puts their focus. I know the top 10 OSHA violations a company can make and the more surprising safety standards. Understanding insurance underwriting helps me portray companies positively to insurance underwriters. The government also provides credits to businesses for hiring a safety professional to oversee work, which helps offset our cost. These are just a few of the reasons why TC Risk Management Services is the leading Health and Safety Training Company in our home state of Wisconsin and the nation.

Onsite Safety Training Now Available Across the United States!

Many companies miss out on necessary safety training because it is unavailable in their area or would cause delays to work. Sending workers to another city or state for a class can become a financial hardship, making them reluctant to attend training. TC Risk Management is proud to offer onsite safety training across the US. By coming to you, we help workers immediately apply their training to your worksite.

Safety Sign at Construction SiteOur onsite safety training is available throughout the United States. We cover:

We even review your company policy to ensure it meets current state and federal standards. If you are located in the Midwest, consider signing up for one of our safety classes in Milwaukee, WI. Set in a classroom environment, workers are able to concentrate fully on the lesson without distractions. Our many courses cover all the fundamentals of jobsite safety. We offer everything your business will need to remain safe.

Contact our OSHA compliance experts today to schedule an occupational safety and health consultation.