Onsite OSHA Training for Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the Nation

Mobile Safety Training Trailers Come to Your United States Jobsite!

Mobile Safety Training VanTC Risk Management is proud to offer onsite safety training to companies across the US! Our fleet of custom vans and trailers let us bring our safety expertise directly to your workplace. Each mobile training program is custom-built, taking into account your industry’s standards and local environmental hazards. You can now have our Electrical Safety, Lock Out/Tag Out, Confined Space, and Fall Protection Training courses brought right to you.

The last thing you want to do is send your team offsite for training in a classroom. It adds up quickly when you send your workers away for even a few hours at a time. With TC Risk Management, your workers can remain onsite and have hands-on training they can use instantly. You won’t have to waste a day (or more!) on travel and it will be easier for your workers to pay attention in a familiar setting.

Have a lot of workers in need of training or certification? Our vans and trailers come equipped with mounted TVs showing what is happening inside. Everyone gets a chance to experience our hands-on approach to safety training!

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General OSHA 10-Hour & 30-Hour Safety Classes

OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour training classes are specifically designed to cover all the most common OSHA safety citations so your company can avoid them. The two class lengths let you minimize disruptions to your workers. These classes can act as introductions or refreshers to basic safety standards. Protect your workers from accidents and protect your company from expensive fines with OSHA classes from TC Risk.

Active OSHA Courses for:

Electrical Safety Training

Electrical NFPA70E Safety Training ClassTC Risk Management offers NFPA 70E electrical safety training with our mobile units. We help qualified and unqualified workers recognize all electrical hazards and introduce best electrical work practices. Our mobile training even covers requirements for contractors and vendors. Any job which involves exposure to electrical systems, from designing machinery to installing wires, must include up-to-date training and certifications to prevent dangerous accidents and OSHA fines.

Our onsite electrical safety training for licensed electricians includes first aid and CPR training. In the face of an unfortunate accident, this training can be the difference between life and death for your employees. At the end of this hands-on training from our board-certified teacher, they will receive a BLS, First Aid, or CPR certification.

Our training counts for up to 24 continuing education units for electricians who must meet annual requirements of electrical license and certificate renewal. The two-for-one training style of TC Risk Management will keep your electricians from having to miss work while earning their necessary credits.

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Training

LOTO Training BoardTC Risk Management Services provides a mobile LOTO training program which is compliant with national OHSA standards. Using a full LOTO set provided by Master Lock, we provide the ultimate in hands-on training for your workers. Our lock set can be used to develop a specific procedure for your worksite, ensuring your company meets all safety standards.

Our training programs are more than just using the locks; they are designed to provide a deeper understanding of why Lock Out/Tag Out requirements are essential for worker safety. After completion of training, your workers will know the proper procedures for equipment shutdown and how to isolate the energy source.

  • Effective Electrical Safety-Lock Out Tag Out
  • Work place assessment options and tools
  • LOTO evaluations of qualified and authorized worker
  • ANSI lock-out/tag-out procedures, policies and application

Confined Space Training

TC Risk Management Services offers confined space training in our mobile units. Using horizontal 28” ducting, we’ve recreated a confined space environment similar to most permit-required confined spaces workers may encounter. Since real confined spaces have many safety hazards, our mobile unit lets employees train without unnecessary risks.

Practical, hands-on training for confined space rescue is also available with TC Risk Management mobile training. Many different industries must meet very specific OSHA construction requirements for safe confined spaces. Even if you have already undergone permit space training, OSHA’s new confined space regulations require new training certification. Our safety courses will help you meet and exceed those standards. Our onsite training methods will reduce confined space injuries amongst your employees. We have the experience needed to recognize confined space hazards at your facility and will train accordingly to protect all employees working in these dynamics.

Fall Protection Training

Fall Protection PPEFalls are the most common on-the-job injuries, leading to lifelong disabilities and even death. The onsite training offered by TC Risk Management includes fall protection training for construction and general industry sites. With special ladders and vertical platforms, our trailer provides a safe environment for workers to practice tower climbing and rescue techniques. Newly updated OSHA Fall Protection regulations mean you need our expert training now to avoid potential fines.

Even elevated workstations and platforms a few feet high can place employees at risk for a fall. TC Risk Management Services will assess the equipment and machinery of your entire facility to determine what changes are needed for a comprehensive fall protection plan. We will also demonstrate a wide-range of fall protection issues using our mobile unit.

Customize an Effective Safety Training Plan

During the course of our onsite training, our certified experts will develop a safety policy plan for your company if one does not already exist. Our job hazard analysis (JHA), electrical audits and safety consultations will address everything needed for your overall safety policy. If you have undergone an OSHA inspection and received a citation, our training and plans may help you contest OSHA violations.

Our certified trainers and teachers will come right to your worksite, saving you from sending your team away to some classroom for a few hours a day. Whether you want electrical, LOTO, confined space, fall protection, or First Aid/CPR training, we will come up with a custom safety training plan to meet your needs. From meeting new OSHA regulations to preventing workplace accidents, TC Risk Management’s onsite training is ready to help you. We even have construction site specific safety classes.

First Aid Safety Training Course MilwaukeeLocal Wisconsin Safety Training in a Classroom Setting

Depending on your line of work, your jobsite may not be suitable for mobile training. Loud equipment or a lack of space can distract workers from the lesson. If you are local to the Milwaukee area, you can schedule a safety training course in a classroom setting. We cover the fundamentals of workplace safety in a quiet environment where everyone can focus.

Located in Franklin, WI, (just outside Milwaukee) up to 10 workers at a time may attend a classroom training session. We offer seminars as well. Be sure to check our calendar for upcoming safety courses.

Contact TC Risk Management now to arrange for onsite safety training at your industrial site.