Custom Policy Writing and Development Services

Policy and Procedure Management Improves Workplace Health and Safety

Policy and Procedure Management ServicesTC Risk Management Services knows the complexity involved in owning a business. Sitting down and writing a company safety policy tends to be low on the priority list for many when there is more urgent work at hand. TC Risk Management is an expert in recommending policies and procedures which are extremely comprehensive for supervisors and employees. Our safety management training efforts give an across-the-board, higher priority to common safety issues.

The TC Risk Management Services team has years of experience in policy writing for large and small businesses. We follow administrative standards which consistently meet OSHA’s federal requirements. Our policy writing provides the necessary guidelines your workers need while communicating safety roles and expectations in a clear, precise manner. Contact our team today to develop a plan for your business.

How to Develop a Personalized OSHA Safety Plan

Unlike other risk management firms, we use our OSHA knowledge to tailor safety plans to your specific working conditions. The secret to our effectiveness is a broad and detailed knowledge of safety issues from the last 30 years which enable us to assess risk more quickly and accurately. TC Risk Management provides trainers who are excellent communicators, providing information and instruction which is perceived as immediately relevant.

Factors we consider when developing a plan:

Experience has proven our approach to be extremely effective in generating solid improvement on safety issues. When needed, TC Risk Management can delve into more complex and demanding areas, again with the goal of improving worker health and safety. Specialized work of policy writing can accompany audits, evaluations, hazard assessments, industrial hygiene monitoring and ergonomic functional job analyses.

OSHA Seminars and Classes in Milwaukee

Employee Safety Training in MilwaukeeWritten plans are necessary for future reference during refresher safety training and when onboarding new employees. Every single employee should receive a copy and there should always be a copy in a prominent location at your work facility. Trained management teams are crucial to the development and execution of workplace safety policy.

Don’t forget to cover the basics along with specifics. It may seem like common sense not to mess with electrical wiring without protective equipment, but only proper training can minimize the risk to your employees. Our on-site hazard assessment will determine which areas of your business need to be covered by your safety plan.

While developing your safety policy, make sure you sign up for our safety seminars and classes. Located in Franklin, our classroom is a convenient meeting place for Milwaukee area businesses in need of safety training.

Nationwide Safety Training Available On-Site

If you are not located in the Milwaukee area, our on-site safety training units can come to you. We have served companies across the United States and Canada. Meet industry-specific safety requirements with a custom policy.

We’ll use your new safety policy to determine the course. Hands-on training options cover:

It’s never too late to create an official safety policy for your business. Make a plan and sign up your workers for a safety course at your jobsite today. Reach out to TC Risk Management to learn more about creating a customized safety plan which meets OSHA requirements.

Contact our risk management team today for professional and effective safety policy writing services.