Risk Management and Loss Prevention Seminars

Workplace Safety Topics Addressed at United States and Canadian Companies

Workplace Safety SeminarsWhen we’re not busy teaching OSHA safety training or performing risk hazard evaluations, TC Risk Management is traveling around the US and Canada giving risk management and loss prevention seminars. Teaching is our passion and we’ve received positive feedback as well as constant requests for seminars. Terry Konell’s compelling and motivational seminars introduce the significance of workplace safety with comprehensive, engaging PowerPoints and hand-outs. We focus on loss prevention and discuss many variations of risk hazards most companies unknowingly overlook.

Risk Management Seminars

You will walk away from our seminars having a better understanding of OSHA standards and regulations, guaranteed. You will have full understanding of the steps needed to ensure a positive and safe work environment. Safety seminars cover a large spectrum of highly technical and complex subjects involving OSHA standards.

Manager Stopping Workplace RiskBelow is a list of common seminar topics given by TC Risk Management:

  • Risk and Hazard Analysis
  • Loss Prevention
  • Insurance Claims
  • Supervisor Leadership and Accountability

Our OSHA safety regulation experts also provide custom training based on your workplace needs.

Comprehensive Risk and Hazard Analysis

This seminar will help your business better identify potential risks and hazards your employees face. Once you know what to look out for, you’ll be able to make informed decisions when it comes to worker safety. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to address these hazards once you know where to start.

Our on-site safety training services let us come to you and directly address safety concerns at your workplace. Your work facility will becomes safer as your employees get to practice safety techniques in a familiar setting. After training you’ll be less likely to face fines from OSHA citations because you’ll know how to avoid violations in the first place!

Loss Prevention Seminars in the United States

While loss prevention is usually practiced in retail environments, any business can experience loss due to theft. Anything from office supplies to specialized equipment can be taken by employees looking to make a quick buck. Setting up a loss prevention system will keep your employees honest while putting a stop to lost profits from missing inventory.

Our loss prevention seminar covers how to spot signs of theft and how to prevent it from occurring.

Employee Insurance FormUnderstanding Workplace Injury Insurance Claims

Finding the right risk insurance plan for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. The goal of this seminar is to help you understand the insurance needs of your company and how to reduce insurance costs through effective safety training. TC Risk Management specialists have experience working with insurance underwriters and the insurance industry, leaving you all the facts you need to know to get the best insurance coverage for your business.

Supervisor Leadership and Accountability

No one wants to be blamed for causing a workplace accident. Yet it is often the managers, supervisors, and leaders who find themselves at fault. We offer safety classes for management and employers. Through this seminar, your company leadership will learn how what it means to be accountable on the job and the importance of dutiful supervision over your employees.

Local OSHA Safety Classes in Milwaukee

Need a specific safety course for your workers? We offer now offer classroom safety lessons in Franklin, WI. The academic environment helps workers focus on the course. Check our calendar to see upcoming classes or schedule a private class for your company.

If you have interest in organizing a seminar or would like to attend one, contact our safety management office today and we will be happy to assist you with more information.

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