Lock Out/Tag Out OSHA Citation Training

How to Prevent LOTO Violations

Lock out/Tag out (LOTO) violations are consistently in the top 10 most common safety citations handed out by OSHA annually. Along with fines, failure to follow OSHA standards may lead to equipment damage or worker death. To prevent expensive fines and accidents at your workplace, contact TC Risk Management for LOTO safety training.

Computer Lock in OfficeLOTO procedures are required by OSHA at any workplace dealing with hazardous energy or certain types of machines. Workers use LOTO to literally lock the equipment into an off position while performing maintenance or similar work. Tags are used to identify who placed each lock and when. No one will be able to turn on the equipment until every lock is removed.

The following are classified as hazardous energy by OSHA:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Chemical
  • Thermal

If any equipment or machinery at your worksite operates using hazardous energy, you need OSHA safety training.

Custom LOTO Safety Policy

Our LOTO training course will follow your company’s safety protocols. If your company does not have a LOTO policy, TC Risk Management will work with you to create one. This safety procedure will be customized to meet the needs of your worksite and satisfy OSHA compliance. Our experts have more than 30 years of safety experience and have created comprehensive policies across countless industries.

Along with developing LOTO plans, TC Risk Management will create an overall safety standard for your company. We start with hazard evaluation of your facility is properly trained and meets OSHA standards.

Yellow LOTO Locks in MilwaukeeOSHA Safety Training Classes in Milwaukee

Sign up for LOTO training in Milwaukee with TC Risk Management. Our classroom environment makes it easy for workers to focus on the lesson at hand. Space is limited, so please make reservations well in advance.

Our training programs are about more than just using locks and tags. We cover why Lock Out/Tag Out requirements are essential for worker safety. With more than 30 years dealing with safety violations, we have seen firsthand how failure to follow LOTO procedure can be fatal. After completion of training, your workers will know the proper procedures for equipment shutdown and how to isolate the energy source.

Mobile LOTO Training Comes to You

If your business is not in the Milwaukee area, you can still receive our comprehensive LOTO training. We have mobile safety training units to bring our classes right to your worksite. A benefit of this on-site training is your workers may immediately begin to practice on the equipment they use every day.

Our mobile unit includes a full LOTO set provided by Master Lock, allowing your employees to practice procedure without exposure to hazardous energy. Contact TC Risk Management today to sign up your company for LOTO training and avoid OSHA citations.

To sign up for Lock Out/Tag Out procedure training for your workplace, contact TC Risk Management today.