Electrical OSHA Citation Training

How to Prevent Electrical Citations from OSHA

Bad Power Cord ViolationElectrical problems are one of the leading causes of OSHA violations for businesses across the United States. Even if your workers do not directly deal with electrical components during their day-to-day tasks, it is important for all employees to know how to stay safe around electricity.

Electricity is dangerous for workers and OSHA violations are expensive. Keep costs down while protecting your workers with TC Risk Management OSHA electrical safety training.

Why is electricity more dangerous than other workplace hazards?

Office Wire Electrical ViolationAlmost all jobsites use electricity in some form, making its risks unavoidable. Electricity can cause shocks to people and equipment. Electrical currents can cause permanent disability or be fatal, depending on the charge. Strong surges of electricity can destroy equipment components requiring expensive repairs or replacement.

Sparks from frayed wires or faulty equipment can lead to fires and explosions. Severe weather can overload circuits, another reason all employees should be trained and prepared for dealing with electrical disasters.

Complete Electrical Safety Training Courses

TC Risk Management electrical safety training will get your workers ready to work safely around electrical components. We cover all of the following for qualified and unqualified electrical training:

  • Safety requirements for contractors/vendors
  • Labeling requirements in accordance with OSHA law and NFPA 70E
  • Approach distances boundaries
  • PPE requirements
  • Conductive apparel
  • Proper use and limitations of metering equipment
  • Lockout/tag out requirements
  • 1910.147 OSHA LOTO
  • 1910.331 OSHA LOTO requirement for qualified employees
  • Safe switching procedures
  • Live work permits
  • Importance of maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Two-man rule
  • Substations

TC Risk Management electrical safety training covers everything from the very basics to more advanced OSHA requirements.

Hands On Electrical TrainingElectrical Training Comes to You!

Our mobile electrical safety units are able to go directly to worksites across the country to deliver our OSHA training courses. Arrange a class for your company today without having to worry about travel or accommodations for all your workers.

Contact TC Risk Management to arrange electrical OSHA safety training for your workplace and avoid OSHA citations today!